Patriots beating Chiefs perfect example of conflicted Raiders fans’ existence

Being a Raiders fans means being conflicted, as was so aptly summed up Sunday when the despised New England Patriots beat the hated Kansas City Chiefs. The short-term joy of …

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Derek Carr could lose position coach

There hasn’t been much change on Jon Gruden’s coaching staff after his first season back with the Oakland Raiders. But that could change soon. The NFL Network reported Sunday that …

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Jon Gruden, Raiders won’t remain idle while waiting to cash in extra draft picks acquired via trades of star players

It has been more than four months since Jon Gruden acquired a 2019 first-round draft pick as part of the compensation package for trading defensive end Khalil Mack to the …

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Reviewing Raiders rookie misses

The Pro Football Writers of America released its all-rookie team this week. Not surprisingly, there were no Raiders on the list. The Raiders had many rookies play extensively, but only …

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Examining Raiders starting jobs seemingly secure next season

Jon Gruden and the Raiders have 10 draft picks and will have more than $90 million in salary-cap room by free agency as they embark upon another massive rebuild of …

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Former Raiders Senior Bowl pick has advice for this year’s crop

Kirk Morrison has seen the importance of being a Senior Bowl player for the both the Oakland Raiders and Jon Gruden first-hand. Thus, he has a message for the players …

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Where Raiders’ Derek Carr stacks up against QBs from final four playoff teams

Statistically, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr compares favorably with the four quarterbacks on the remaining teams in the playoffs. For the most part, that is. Yet, when breaking down the play …

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 History says Raiders will draft from this Senior Bowl class

You may want to take a gander, and, save this Senior Bowl roster. There may be a few new Oakland Raiders on the list if history has anything to do …

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Today’s Raiders Bites podcast

Who are lesser of AFC title game evils? — Bill Williamson (@BWilliamsonNFL) January 17, 2019

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Jon Gruden, Mike Mayock won’t get to see DE Josh Allen at Senior Bowl, but there’s plenty of other pass rushers on their radar

Jon Gruden has his sights set upon finding at least one bonafide pass-rush end to make up for the loss of Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin this past season. He …

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